The 4th Great War

Chapter 4: A brewing War
  • War is declared, Party creates ambush to slow attacking army.
  • Catch army in a narrow pass, Spring Trap, Kill about 1,200 soldiers
  • Small scale harrier tactics burning fields in front of coming army
  • 1 week siege of city, party leads units of troops. (about 50 soldiers each)
  • Siege is broken and invading army retreats with less then 1/2 their army
  • Duke gives party the land around the pass they used to lay a trap
  • Given 1 year to build fortress, and given supplies to get it started
Chapter 3: The Fire Lords
  • 1 month to Hangy, On way meet Durion
  • Find some rumors
  • Find Notice at inn seeking assassination of Erykah
  • Rohst and Jinxy go to address to accept mission and get information – Employer The Fire Lords and Erykah’s mother is another target.
  • Durion, Hyruka, and Billy Go to Fire lords saying Durion wants to interview them for a book
  • Durion gets 2 hour interview.
  • Travel south out of Hangy, find Erykah’s mother, and lead her to Tengu town to meet up with Erykah.
  • Erykah’s mother calls giant eagles to carry party to speak with Duke. Spend a few nights at the palace.
  • Duke makes all members of the party Lords and Ladies.
Chapter 2: On the run
  • Next morning, Banewing is found in a pentagram for summoning ritual
  • Next day, group is told to leave town and hide/gain strength
  • 1 month to Vingarad
  • 1 months by sea to Jin`gyi
  • Travel to Spire Town – 1 day travel, Nate’s(Link character when entered) home town – First day of summer
  • See scout racing from north towards Jingyi – town to north has been attacked
  • Next day head north, investigate attack
  • 3 days to out, see smoke on horizon, crest a hill just after dusk to see town in flames.
  • Meet Rost in town saving Erykah
  • Soldiers were wearing uniforms of Hangyi, lead by 2 fire elementalists
  • Storm rolls in from sea
  • Next morning – See Wizards of the Coast moored out at sea. Get ride back to Jingyi
  • Report to baron and get job to go to Hangyi to investigate who the fire lords are
Chapter 1: Trouble in the sewers

Spring 50 AF (After the Fall of the Sorcerer King)

  • Banewing recruits the party
  • That night, track the wanted man to his home, escape rout to the sewers, find him and capture him

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